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Powerful Remedies to Easily Treat Varicose Veins, Rheumatism and Diarrhea! Thrombophlebitis Cognac

Thrombosis is a disease of blood vessels caused by blood clots thrombus that can partially or completely block the vein. This Thrombophlebitis Cognac disease usually affects the legs and pelvis, a sometimes and hands. Although is most common in the elderly, thrombosis can occur at any age. There is superficial thrombosis and deep venous thrombosis. Superficial Salbe aus venöser Ulzera streptocid thrombophlebitis is an acute local inflammation of venous wall and the surrounding connective tissue, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, which is followed by the formation of blood clots in superficial veins.

If blood clots form in the deep veins, occurs deep vein thrombosis. The most frequent complication of deep vein thrombosis is pulmonary embolism — blockage of the pulmonary artery or its smaller branches, and chronic venous insufficiency caused by damage of vein valves. Symptoms of superficial thrombosis are thickened veins, redness, pain and numbness in the legs; usually last from one to two weeks, after which the acute process calms.

Deep venous thrombosis DVT may be asymptomatic and is manifested by the different degrees of sensitivity. In this case, the most common are the following symptoms: Some of the causes that lead to the formation of deep vein thrombosis are a genetic predisposition, damage to the inside of the vessel wall, blood clotting disorder, prolonged sitting or standing, inflammatory conditions and infections, malignancies, surgical procedures, oral contraceptives, obesity, smoking Thrombophlebitis Cognac. Also, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, the higher risk is exposed to pregnant women, because during pregnancy the pressure of the uterus on the Thrombophlebitis Cognac slows the flow of blood.

In addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, it was shown that in the treatment and prevention of venous Thrombophlebitis Cognac also help the natural herbal remedies.

Cayenne pepper Red hot pepper and dust are one of the best natural blood thinners. The active ingredient of the plant, capsaicin, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, prevents Becken- Varizen hormonelle aggregation and promotes the dissolution of fibrin, a substance essential for the formation of blood clots and thrombosis.

This spice also acting analgesic, but the pain reliever recommended Thrombophlebitis Cognac coating on parts of the affected leg thrombosis. Rosemary This herb is the very beneficial effect on Thrombophlebitis Cognac circulation, so it is often used to treat varicose veins, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, sprains, bruises mitigation, Thrombophlebitis Cognac.

The composition of rosemary enters flavonoid called diosmin, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, which reduces the sensitivity of blood vessels and thus enhances blood flow in them. It is also rich in vitamin pyridoxineThrombophlebitis Cognac, necessary for the production of hemoglobin, the protein carrier of oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

The Varizen gute Creme of rosemary: Two teaspoons of dried rosemary leaves poured a cup of boiling water, then drain, Thrombophlebitis Cognac. Drink in the morning and in the evening a cup of freshly prepared tea, sweetened with honey if desired. It is characterized by strong anti-inflammatory properties that Thrombophlebitis Cognac islands legs caused by venous thrombosis.

Horse chestnut extract Horse Thrombophlebitis Cognac extract is considered to be a promising natural remedy for chronic venous insufficiency; Anti-inflammatory improves the circulation of blood through the Thrombophlebitis Cognac, normalizes venous tone, reduces capillary leakage and reduces the islands leg.

Most often used in the form of dietary supplements and even considered an effective alternative to compression stockings. Tea made Thrombophlebitis Cognac horse-chestnut: Strain and drink twice a day, after meals. Then cool, strain, and apply on diseased part of legs, Thrombophlebitis Cognac. Exclusively for outdoor use. Gingko Biloba The active ingredients of ginkgo Biloba, flavonoids, and terpenes, dilate blood vessels and improve their tone, stimulate blood circulation, prevent platelets from sticking together and protect the heart muscle and nerve.

Hawthorn The composition of the hawthorn enters quercetin and oligomeric proanthocyanidins OPCwhich protect the blood vessels all over the body from inflammation and loss of elasticity.

Because of the powerful antioxidant properties, preparations of hawthorn proved to be effective in the prevention and treatment of many diseases caused by poor circulation, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, because they contribute to the spread of blood vessels, improve blood circulation and prevent blood clots.

Sweet clover The plant clover, also known as the yellow melilotis used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It contains coumarin, a chemical compound that during fermentation plant produces powerful anticoagulant dicoumarol. In medicinal purposes is used as a tea, tincture, poultice, bath and sometimes prescribes with regular therapy against blood clots in the veins, because it relieves pain, islands and removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

The extract of pine bark Obtained by removing the bark, extract of the certain types of pine,contains oligomericantioxidant compounds that bind to the collagen in blood vessels, making them stronger and more resilient. In addition to improving blood circulation, pine bark extract works anti-inflammatory, soothes edemafeeling of heaviness in the legs and other symptoms of vascular disease, Thrombophlebitis Cognac.

The results of recent studies also show that this preparation eases the problems caused by the appearance of varicose veins during pregnancy. Garlic In addition to lowering blood pressure, garlic is considered the best natural blood thinner. When you cook garlic with sour vegetables, especially tomatoes, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, it released an anticoagulant compound that blocks platelets from sticking together, preventing thrombus formation.

Studies have shown that it is enough to eat one or two of fresh garlic cloves daily to achieve a satisfactory effect on the blood clotting process.

How to Cure Varicose Veins with Horse Chestnut

The buds have esculin, the flowers quercetin as well as tannin, as well as the fruit — starches, healthy proteins, esculin, sterol, Thrombophlebitis Cognac, vitamin P, B1, C and K, minerals, Thrombophlebitis Cognac. The saponin contained in the bark of the branches and fruit, deals with skin diseases, it dilutes the blood and makes it less sticky.

Horse chestnuts are mainly used as a medicine for veins. Ointments against sunburns, tea that helps avoid fever and ague, anxiety, piles, looseness of the bowels, and coughing are also made from it.

Homemade brandy for external treatment of varicose veins. The fluid is kept in a closed jar for exactly 40 days. You should often mix it with a wooden spoon. After 40 days strain it Thrombophlebitis Cognac a Thrombophlebitis Cognac and kept it closed in a clean container, Thrombophlebitis Cognac. Prior to usage, the bottle needs to be shaken to blend the residue, Thrombophlebitis Cognac. Cover the surface of the varicose veins with it, but do not rub.

During this the brandy becomes white soap and also is swiftly soaked right Thrombophlebitis Cognac the skin. The veins are treated several times a day.

This drink can be used — spread out on the affected area and the inflamed legs and also for dealing with cellulite. The bottle should be left for weeks and after that it should be strained.

This essence is eaten in drops to deal with veins and circulation, varicose capillaries of the legs, thrombophlebitis. The vitamin P raises the resistance of the blood vessels. When it cools down strain it. It is consumed in drops 3 times a Thrombophlebitis Cognac 15 to 20 drops in water or on a sweets cube.

Spread over the veins then cover with a plaster. When preparing the products from horse chestnut, the product must not be in contact with iron or tin. Grate half of chestnut and combine it with a glass of merlot or coffee. From the mixture Thrombophlebitis Cognac 2 tablespoons and steam in half a litre of water.

The liquid needs to stay for 10 minutes, strain and consume it in the early morning and as night in a small cup, Thrombophlebitis Cognac.

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