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High Speed Internet (DSL) Home Phone. Plans.

The phone's beautiful screen and internal performance are top-notch. The Bad The Galaxy Nexus lacks a slot for expandable memory, Creme Varizen, and the 5-megapixel camera isn't Samsung's best. There's no support for Google Wallet, and several Ice Cream Sandwich features take some getting used to. The Bottom Line As the first U. However, once other premium handsets receive the updated Android OS, the Galaxy Nexus will lose some of its competitive edge.

Visit manufacturer site for details. We recently reviewed the unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus intended for European markets. Due to the phones' similar build and components, applicable portions of that review will also be used in this Verizon-specific evaluation. In the weeks since reviewing the unlocked version of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich henceforth known as ICSwe've come to really enjoy both the handset and the OS, and the two of them together.

The Verizon version has erased at least two complaints--its Galaxy Nexus is substantially weightier than the unlocked GSM version and it doubles the internal storage capacity. Yet, no phone is perfect, and the Galaxy Nexus has its flaws. We'll get to those later, Creme Varizen, but they include camera performance that was less than Samsung is capable of delivering, no expandable memory, a disjointed OS that requires some study, and no support for Google Wallet.

On the plus side, LTE speeds are impressive. When you add up the screen, the exciting but still not totally perfect ICS operating system, the nice in-hand Creme Varizen, and the fair cameras, you have one compelling phone that vies with the likes of the Motorola Droid Razr and the HTC RezoundVerizon's other two killer phones of the season, though you should also consider the drawbacks.

First, Creme Varizen runs on the network's 4G LTE network, Creme Varizen. The LTE chip accounts for the extra Creme Varizen. It's also a heavier 5 ounces versus 4. It still isn't an astoundingly hefty device, but I appreciate the more solid build. Fourth, it has 32GB of internal storage versus 16GB. The battery is also larger, 1,mAh versus 1,mAh for the unlocked version.

Design A Creme Varizen years ago, we used to joke that Nokia kept building the same phone design while Creme Varizen tweaking it for each subsequent model. These days, however, we're more likely to apply that jest to Samsung.

Ever Creme Varizen the company started making Galaxy devices last year, many of them have looked a lot alike. Indeed, the Galaxy Nexus has much in common with its predecessors, especially last year's Nexus S a Galaxy device if not by name. You'll see the same dark color, tapered edges, and "contour" shape that's supposed to follow the curve of your head.

The handset is large 5. Samsung, however, squeezed off every inch Creme Varizen could to make it as thin as possible 0. It's eye-catching, yes, but like other Samsung phones before it, the Galaxy Nexus also looks and feels like it's just on the wrong side of fragility.

Luckily, the thicker Verizon version is also stouter, weighing Creme Varizen. Here again we fear that we have to be extra careful Creme Varizen to drop it even once on a hard surface.

A case is an option, Creme Varizen, but that would fatten up the phone. The "hyperskin" material on the back cover adds some texture, but it's not quite the Creme Varizen material that's on the Motorola Droid Razr. We'd prefer if the jack were in a different place.

The camera lens and flash sit on the top end of the back cover. Display Creme Varizen interface The display measures 4, Creme Varizen. Even with that quirk, the display is plenty big for a smartphone, but not quite big enough for ICS. We'll explain in Creme Varizen ICS section. Everything looks great, from graphics to photos to menu icons, and you can customize the five home screens with the Google Search bar, menu icons, Creme Varizen, and widgets.

ICS brings new folders and new widgets, but we'll get to those later. The main menu shows the traditional icons, and internal menus have the familiar list structure. This is a clean, elegant design that especially shines in the texting and e-mail apps, where it's dead simple to append an attachment, audio, video, and photos. Like other Nexus devices, the Galaxy Nexus has a Creme Varizen Android interface that isn't hidden by a manufacturer or carrier skin. It's great for users and developers alike as it lets Android's true glory shine through.

Developers also will love the dedicated "Developer options" in the main menu, which offers access to such features as showing CPU usage, setting a background process limit, and activating a visual feedback for the touch screen, Creme Varizen. Truly, personalization options like these set Android apart.

Though we were hoping that it would be different, the Galaxy Nexus still has that slight laggy effect that we've seen on other Android phones. Indeed, you'll notice it here when scrolling through lists. It is better than we've seen on previous models, so it doesn't ruin the touch interface, but you do notice the difference when switching from an iOS or Windows Phone 7 device.

You can change the brightness, backlight time, Creme Varizen, and font size. The display also has an accelerometer, which you can turn off, a proximity sensor, and a light sensor.

At the very bottom sit three touch controls for moving backward through a menu or feature, returning to the Home screen, and opening your list of recently viewed screens. Yes, you lose the dedicated search button that's on earlier Android phones, but that's a trait that the Galaxy Nexus inherited from Honeycomb the search field is available in almost every native app and home screen. And as in Honeycomb, these ICS controls Creme Varizen fade in some apps to three points of light, Creme Varizen, until you tap them again.

What's more, the controls rotate 90 degrees when you reorient the phone. Otherwise there are no physical controls on the front of the phone.

Yet, you'll notice a glowing indicator light when you have a call and receive messages, Creme Varizen, e-mail, or notifications. Besides it being rather soothing, we're just glad it's there since that was a big omission on the Nexus S. The virtual keyboard takes up the whole width of the display, whether you're using it in portrait or landscape mode. The primary screen has three Creme Varizen of alphabetic keys with main punctuation just above. On the bottom row there's a huge spacebar smack in the center with a voice-activation key just to the left when entering an e-mail address an " " key takes its place.

You'll need to click through to the additional keyboard for more punctuation and numbers, but the keyboard is spacious and easy to use. Unfortunately, Creme Varizen, it does not support Swype. The dial pad shows huge numbers, but tiny text. Basic features The phone book size is limited by the available memory. Each entry holds multiple fields for phone numbers, as well as e-mail and street addresses, a company name and title, an instant-messaging handle, a birthday, a nickname, a URL, and notes.

You can pair contacts Creme Varizen a photo and organize them into groups. Unfortunately, pairing individual contacts with one of the 25 polyphonic ringtones is another nonobvious feature. You'll have to open the person's profile "card," then tap into the Menu to set the ringtone or send all that person's calls to voice mail. Of course, the Galaxy Nexus has all of the other essentials you'd expect from a smartphone, like text and multimedia messaging, e-mail syncing both Gmail and notcalendar syncing both Google and nota calculator, an alarm clock, and a news and weather widget.

Also onboard are Bluetooth 2. However, it does let you transfer images and connect as a media device. The speaker-independent voice commands let you do just about anything using only your voice. They work fine Creme Varizen long as you speak clearly and use the phone in a place without a lot of background noise, Creme Varizen. Google features and apps Google fans have plenty of Google apps and services to use and explore.

The list is no different from the handset's Nexus ancestors, but they're worth repeating: Maps also gets a little more 3D treatment with ICS. Zoom Creme Varizen far enough with two fingers and you'll see the buildings start to get some 3D shape. Glide two fingers up and down the Creme Varizen to tilt the screen for a better view. On the first try it located us about a block away from CNET's offices, wie können Sie Strümpfe Krampfadern tragen aus is normal.

On the second try, however, it pinpointed our location precisely. The Galaxy Nexus has a gyroscope and a compass and a big leg up over the iPhone: The built-in barometer could be partially to Creme Varizen for that, as its purpose on the Galaxy Nexus is to assist with GPS locking. With a pure Google experience, you have the freedom to use whichever apps you want through the Android Market. Verizon adds a few apps of its own, including a backup assistant and MyVerizon.

While you can disable these to make the icons disappear, Creme Varizen, you won't actually be able to uninstall the apps. Yes, that's a lot, but we say "just" because the Galaxy Nexus does not have an Creme Varizen memory card slot, Creme Varizen. Camera, video, and music The main camera has a 5-megapixel resolution, but you also can shoot in 3 megapixels, 1.

There's also a front-facing 1. The shooters come with a fair, but not overwhelming set of editing options you can use while taking the photo more options are available in the photo gallery.

You'll find a digital zoom, face detection, location tagging, four white-balance choices, seven exposure settings, and four "scene" modes action, night, sunset, and party. The flash on the rear side is powerful to a fault. Creme Varizen dim environments it can wash out the lighter colors. You can set the flash to auto, Creme Varizen it always on, or turn it off completely, Creme Varizen.

ICS brings a host of camera improvements, which we'll discuss in more detail below. We'll say here, Creme Varizen, though, that the lack of shutter lag is remarkable. In fact, when took the first photo, we didn't realize that the shutter had closed. Believe us when we say it's really that quick. More interesting and useful in our eyes is the full suite of built-in editing tools in the photo gallery: There are also effects you can add like warmth, saturation, and sepia tones.

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Varizen und Übungen auf Fitness, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again, Creme Varizen. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location.

If your browser doesn't ask you, try these steps:. If you're still Creme Varizen trouble, Creme Varizen, check out Google's support page.

You can also search near a city, place, or address instead, Creme Varizen. If you're still having trouble, check out Opera's support page. If you're still having trouble, check out Safari's support page. If you're still having trouble, check out Firefox's support page. We don't recognize the web browser you're currently using. Try checking the browser's help menu, or searching the Web for instructions to turn on HTML5 Geolocation for your browser.

The first time I had a new but used phone that was having GPS and dropped call issues. They went through a list of items and ended up switching out my SIM card at no charge. Second time I had screen issues but bought the insurance because this used phone looked like it might have more problems.

Within 5 minutes they were sending me a new phone which I got that week. People were very friendly and helpful, just try to go at off times, as the line can be long, Creme Varizen. My husband who is the most patient person in the world just came home from this store very upset, Creme Varizen. When he first entered the store they were busy so he patiently waited to be helped, Creme Varizen.

Eventually all of the customers were gone and the TEN people that were working still did not help him. My husband is super nice and did not approach them asking to be helped because he has worked customer service and he should have been greeted. He is very upset that he wasted 45 minutes of his life and that out of ten employees not a single Varizen bei Mädchen greeted him or helped him.

He will be switching to a different phone company after this Creme Varizen or lack of treatment. Only to find out that I wasn't eligible Strike 1! I needed to upgrade so I reluctantly agreed based on the fact that I would receive the phone by a certain date. I was told "you'll probably receive it before" that date.

Now the SHIP date has been pushed out another week. I plan to pursue this matter further. I had previously frequented the Morrisville and some Durham stores, and am thrilled to Creme Varizen found the creme de la creme of Verizon Creme Varizen. Service in the others were bad dreams with condescending attitudes of some employees. Wireless stores are wireless stores. The customer service at this store isn't the greatest, Creme Varizen, and the staff are far off from being enthusiastic.

My boyfriend went Creme Varizen for an upgrade from his Android to an iPhone 4, and it took about 45min to get it all straight.

The store associate seemed new and a bit clueless in response to some basic questions. The phone accessories available in here -- you can get much cheaper on Amazon just an FYI. I was Creme Varizen one of the employees who sincerely apologized for our lengthy experience -- which I appreciate. Hopefully, service will be faster for future customers. They told me there would be a 30 minute wait and 3 people were in front of me.

Everybody was waiting for the one Creme Varizen who was doing the upgrades or new phones. There were 3 associates "working" who I assume were unable to do anything useful because they were standing behind Creme Varizen while we were waiting for the one person who actually knew what he was doing.

After 20 minutes and seeing no progress i. I said "How many are in front of me? Creme Varizen said "4" - now how did i go from 3 to 4! I went home and did it online, Creme Varizen. If customers are expected to do this online, shouldn't a Verizon customer services associate be able to do so!

And if they cannot, why did the manager hire them in the first place? This store is so mismanaged, it is pathetic. I have always had a long wait here - maybe all the VzW stores suck. I am going to try a different one next time. Stay away from this store. Very disappointed with my experience there yesterday. I was looking to upgrade my phone and lower the cost per month of my iphone data plan which I was paying way too much for. I talked to an associate named Doug about options.

He only gave me one option- add a device and pay about 15 dollars less per month. Sounds pretty good, Creme Varizen, right? The only problem was that I didn't want to add a device and I explained that clearly to him. I ended up leaving the store to consider the "discount" he offered. When I got home, I went to verizon online to compare plan prices. It turns out that they had a Krampfadern Strumpfhosen aus Deutsch attached to my account that was 50 dollars less than I'm paying now, for just the iphone.

This is what Creme Varizen asked for yesterday. I can only assume that this store chose not to tell me about this deal because they were interested in getting a higher commission.

In any case, as much as I've always had a good experience with Verizon, I will not be returning to this location.

I recommend going straight to the verizon website and skipping the middle man. Great service at this location, Creme Varizen. I was there when it was relatively busy and Dennis was very accommodating, Creme Varizen, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend this location to anyone in the area. Went into the store to handle changes on 5 lines on our account.

We wanted to get it all taken care of at once. Even backed up our phones before going in. When we got there we were told that they could not actually transfer a phone number out of contract to a phone that was still under contract. Even though customer service and another store told us that they could. So after a very frustrating conversation we left, Creme Varizen. We were ready to actually leave Verizon after 15 yrs with them.

So I called customer Creme Varizen back today and they tell me that yes, they could have done that in the store. They said the associate was "being lazy". So I called the store back and spoke with a manager named Chris and he tells me that Creme Varizen service is wrong!

So they both work for Verizon but can't agree on what a store can and can not do! I tend to believe customer service since it wouldn't put them out any and they were ready to take care of it for me. I tend not to believe the associate who realizes that it's not a new sale and they won't get any commission on it. Very rude, both the associate and the manager. The only one that was helpful was customer service. Customer Service even told me not to go back to that store! So if you are considering going to this location, I wouldn't!

Even their own customer service advised not to. Be ware of their dishonesty. Took the wife's iphone4 due to it's known home key sticking issue. A lady their looked at it for few mins and acknowledged the problem and offered warranty replacement under our extended warranty, Creme Varizen. AT this time, nobody said or aware of charge port having some rust OR did the phone have problems charging 3. We get the replacement phone and returned the original phone back. Called Creme Varizen service to complain about the incident.

What's really upsetting is that now the store manager has changed the story Creme Varizen indicated to customer service that they have advised of the charging port and we may get damaged fee charge. Both of us were present when we dropped of the phone and nobody made such statements.

Really, really upsetting this store is coming out this way rather then being honest about what happened!!! Please think twice before visiting this particular store and try other store first, Creme Varizen. Verizon Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Who We Are Customers rely on wireless broadband more - and in more ways Creme Varizen than ever before.

Verizon is at the center of this connected world, Creme Varizen. Our superior networks give us a …. Our superior networks give us a competitive edge in delivering the digital experiences that are vital to customers' Creme Varizen and businesses' success.

In addition to our strong foundation in wireless and broadband, Creme Varizen, we're disrupting ourselves and the industry by building the businesses of the future such as the Internet of Things and mobile video. We have a track record of delivering both revenue growth and profits, enabling us to innovate, invest, develop our employees' skills, and reward our shareowners.

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I had previously frequented the Morrisville and some Durham stores, and am thrilled to have found the creme de la creme of Verizon stores.
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I had previously frequented the Morrisville and some Durham stores, and am thrilled to have found the creme de la creme of Verizon stores.
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